Thursday, September 01, 2005


How does one receive a bandaid after specifically requesting for mayonnaise?

That's what happened to me tonight at Outbacks -- the waiter thought I had said bandaid. You can imagine my confusion when he showed up with this little piece of plastic paper. I didn't say anything. But, honestly now, mayonnaise and bandaid are two very distinct words. Besides, we were at a restaurant, not a health clinic.
After asking for mayonnaise, the waiter apparently said, "oh, a bandaid?" and I had said yes. I was sure he had said mayonnaise. And I am one hundred percent that I had said mayonnaise too. Something fell through in the communication here.

Summer working is finished! I must say that it passed rather quickly. As much as I did enjoy my job, I am very much enjoying this glorious week off. I really do love sleeping in, especially when sleeping in means waking up at any time and leisurely making banana and chocolate crepes. Delicious!

I am now slowly gearing up for school. Actually, my preparation happens in spurts. I just got a desk, a chair, and a lamp for my new room from trusty IKEA. I also have a few posters that are ready to go up, and I am naturally loaded up with tons of stationery, pens, sticky notes, and the like, courtesy of so-called dishonesty. Cackle. Cackle.

Important upcoming events:
Thursday -- my brother's Premiere of The Hand (please, no references to Idle Hands) and other short movies. Everyone attending should dress accordingly.

Sunday -- my move to Bishop's University. Let's just say that the negativity (that Andrea is subjected to every year) has started leaking out, and my roommates are destined to be major fluff girls, and nothing will work out. The end.

Tuesday -- I will live the "ultimate experience of sensuality and virility" of eight erotic, naked, and possibly lubed up men at the Granada Theatre in Sherbrooke. I invite anyone interested to come and join us. Trust me, once you check out the site, you won't be able to stop yourselves from coming (in every conceivable way). Many thanks go out to Effovex for the information.

In other news, we filmed a zombie movie. Alex seemed fairly pleased with it, so we'll see how it all turns out. We had quite a good time filming it, despite the cornfield which launched my body into allergy mode.

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Paula said...

Hey Zaza! Nice blog. Thanks for the comments on mine :). I am still debating whether i'll do the au-pair or something else but i'm definitely going back to europe next summer. At least i have the money saved. So keep in touch-- we'll make it to Poland together :)

Miss you too,