Tuesday, September 06, 2005

A hint of mint

So, I moved in yesterday late afternoon/evening. Alex, Dad, and Gigs were a big help for the entire moving-in process. They built everything for me. I don't know what I would have done with a horizonal desk.
Now the real question is: who am I going to take incriminating pictures of now that I'm away from my colleague? It also becomes difficult to slap someone when they are not in your immediate distance. Alas.

On another note, I am pretty angry at myself for not copying my folder from work properly. I had so many good documents on there. As soon as I am back, I will go to the Township because I am about 85% sure that they are not deleted off of the computer, and they will not be deleted in the meantime. I should probably give Mark a call. The beginning part of the second part of the Jesus write-up is in that folder. Oh sorrow, oh woe. I suppose I shall re-write it, and, as my brother says, "you can do it even better."
I think I'm either going to join the Debating Society or the Bishop's Model United Nations Club. Then again, it all depends whether drama pans out or not.


Anonymous said...
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-lyz- said...

nice photo.. origins?

i am jealous of your relocation.. i hate being home.. blech..

ps-you worked at the township? what part? did you work with Robin?(big guy... red hair..lol)

Tex Texerson said...

Well, you certainly could use the debating practice, since I always win our little debates! But Model UN? Puh-lease! Model UN girls are UNDATEABLE!