Sunday, September 18, 2005

The stalker

I was having a strange, almost uncomfortable dream a few nights ago. Slowly, my dream was becoming infiltrated by this intermittent sound, and eventually I woke up, very restless. The noise didn't stop. Bleary-eyed, I stumbled out of bed and eventually realized that it was our doorbell ringing. I hear my two roommates, Sarah and Corina, whispering urgently outside my door. Groggily, I go out into the hall, and the girls immediately tell me they are sorry for this doorbell waking me up. Not seeing how it is their fault, I ask them what's going on.

Two weeks ago, Sarah hooked up with this Christian dude at a party. Apparently, she was mad at this other guy, so in spite she hooked up with Christian in retaliation. Christian is one of those so-called "bad boys", so really, he is the perfect guy to make any other guy jealous.

"So, it's Christian ringing the doorbell now", continues Sarah, sounding quite afraid. She turns to Corina, "I bet he's here for a bootie call."

Sarah runs frantically around the apartment; she looks terrified. We tip-toe up to the kitchen window, to see if we could see this Christian guy and see if anyone was with him. Sarah orders us to make as little noise as possible and not to turn on any lights. She wants to make it appear as though we are still asleep or not home.

Corina toys with the idea of telephoning the police. "I should tell Christian that I am going to phone the cops if he doesn't leave", she says, but both girls are way too scared to go downstairs to the door.

What I really want to do is go down and tell this stupid guy to go away. If he refused, I would take Corina's plan and threaten to call the police. I am not scared, though perhaps if I knew this dude I would be. I don't do anything, though, because the girls seem to be very set on the idea of pretending we are still asleep. The ringing, in the meantime, has not stopped. Every thirty seconds or so, he rings that damn doorbell. It is getting very irritating.

Maybe about ten or fifteen minutes later, it finally stops. We hear Christian get into a car and drive away. We are finally left in peace to sleep.

In the morning, Sarah shows me a note that Christian had left. He lamented how much he really wanted to see her that night but couldn't. He made it clear that he had come not once, but twice, to our apartment, wanting to see Sarah. He also adds that the second time he came, he had Ryan with him, which is also bad news, considering that he made a love declaration to Corina the other night. Both girls are fed up. We tell Sarah that she has got to get rid of Christian, since she is clearly not interested. Also, he's a major creep. She's concerned that she will sound like too much of a bitch if she coldly tells him to get lost for good. I tell her that's what this guy needs. He's not going to get hints; she has to be blatantly obvious.

I, on the other hand, have a good time telling this story to various people. Alex thought it was brilliant. Tom, from my play, thought it was really creepy. I just think that it's a great story.

Living vicariously is where I get all my kicks, after all.


Effovex said...

Hooking up with a random guy to make someone else jealous?

Pretending to be asleep to avoid speaking to aforementionned random guy?

I don't think your friend can claim much of a moral high ground on this one...

Tex Texerson said...

You know what is really morally pure? Judging others.

Let's all do that.

Effovex said...

The beauty of this statement is that it requires passing judgement...

But I'm not saying that one party is wrong and the other isn't - rather, I'm pointing out that sometimes you get what's coming to you.

Tex Texerson said...

Yes, when someone is more sexually liberal, which is of course shameful according to everyone's moral values and when she is afraid to confront someone at 3am, regardless of any facts we may not know like, maybe he's a crazy drunk (which might explain why they are, you know, scared), then that person obviously deserves what's coming... which is... well.. what's coming, exactly, other than the label of immoral?

Perhaps she should be forced to wear the scarlet letter "H" (for harlot), since the original post made it crystal clear that Christian was just some random guy, and not someone she actually knew before. That couldn't possibly be the case.

Not that I'm being critical.. I'm just saying...