Friday, September 23, 2005


I wrote this on August 25th that I was thinking of writing to the Chesterville Record as an editorial. It was agreeing with another Chesterville resident's view on the slaughterhouse that may replace the Nestlé's plant in Chesterville. It is simply a rough draft, and despite encouragement from my Dad to send it, I never did get around to it.

Re: This job solution just plain stinks

I wholeheartedly agree with Glenna Walkden, referring to her disgust at having a meat packing plant in the middle of Chesterville. This move will have such a detrimental affect on Chesterville and its residents. As much as we may become known as the slaughterhouse of Eastern Ontario, no one will ever want to come and visit, let alone live here. I have lived in Chesterville all of my life, and the one thing that I have always loved about small town living is the fact that I can smell clean, sweet air.

I understand why council would want another large company in the area, as we do want the revenue of our tax dollars. We do not want to become a ghost town, either. I just can't see how having a huge slaughterhouse right in our backyard would benefit anyone in Chesterville. How on earth are we supposed to entice anyone to come out here when we don't even want to be here ourselves

As much as I can't imagine Chesterville without Nestlé's, I simply cannot fathom having the noise and the pestilential smell infiltrate into people's mornings, houses, clothes, backyards...

Have council really considered how much this may affect the town of Chesterville? In terms of every other considering except for money, I can't see many people being satisfied with this option. Has council asked the residents of Chesterville as to what they think? Let's work together on making Chesterville stay afloat; let's all help the town of Chesterville, as well as make living conditions here as favourable as possible. Do we want to wake up every morning with the smell of dead cows wafting under our noses or the noise of cattle being butchered? Let's keep this friendly community clean and enjoyable, so the Township can continue to "
offer a harmonious combination of urban and rural amenities that appeal to a wide variety of lifestyles"; I don't believe that slaughterhouses appeal to very many lifestyles.

I am also adamantly opposing this proposal, and I hope every other Chesterville resident feels the same. Kudos to you, Mrs. Walkden, and I hope we can keep our clean, country air free of any odour and noise pollution.

Miranda Glen

And you know what else? Canada's first Nestlé's plant was established in Chesterville, Ontario in 1918.


Tex Texerson said...

You know, for someone who stinks pretty bad herself, you sure are critical of the smell of others.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that brother!

Also, I remember that Chesterville had a very distinct aroma with the Nestle factory. I wasn't sure if the "sweet, clean air" was sarcastic, because from where I come (the grand ol' town of Russell!), "sweet" air normally doesn't refer to powdered chocolate particles floating around in the breeze. :p

In conclusion, things smell.

Brendan, the BJUM

PS: I enjoyed reading your blog, I'm just teasing :)