Monday, September 05, 2005

The Premiere

On the morning of the premiere, I am awoken to the sound of the phone ringing. It is none other than my brother, worried out of his mind because the movies won't copy to a DVD. He tried in vain until two in the morning the night before at this computer guy's house. I tell him that I can't help him all that much, but Alex may be able to. He talks to Alex for a bit, and Alex is almost one hundred percent sure that his laptop will be able to run the movies on the projector.

Also note that I received the same e-mail from my brother in two of my accounts with "ZAZA !!! HELP !!! - I hope this grabs your attention!" as the subject. After carefully planning this premiere night for weeks now, you can understand why my brother was so worried. After setting up my computer, Alex and I head back home, with his trusty laptop in tow.

We immediately go into the backyard. My brother, Brayden, and Adam (the co-ordinators of the event) are already decked out in their finest -- black suits, fancy shirts, ties, shades, top hats, and, in my brother's case, a pocket watch. This is, after all, supposed to be a fancy event. They are unsure as to how many people will actually dress up.

In less than a minute, Alex's laptop is set up and ready to go. Everything works. My brother is relieved; the panic is over.

I help Franziska with her hair, and then I myself get ready. Naturally, I look smashing in my $6 North Carolina second-hand store find. This is what my ultra-original dress looks like.

The food was coming out, we were greeting people, and everything was going smoothly. My friends all came, and we were chatting. As we talked, more and more and even MORE kids showed up! I was completely surprised as to how many people came! And the most surprising thing of it all? Everyone had dressed up! All you could see were swarms of black suits and slinky dresses. Even my mother had on her Victorian dress. Everyone looked fabulous!

After a delightful meal, we all sat down to watch the movies. The movies went over extremely well, though the sound was a little off. Hats off to everyone who helped out with the movies, especially to Baba, Brayden, and Adam. All of the girls were flocking around the three of them after the movies ended. Actually, there were far more girls at the Premiere than guys. I had a healthy balance of both sexes, but my brother's friends mainly seem to be female. Before you ask... no, he still hasn't taken an interest in them.

After all of my brother's friends had left, my friends and I took our refuge around the campfire. Baba and my Dad soon went to bed, and at around twelve thirty there was only Steve, Karim, Brendan, Alex, Colleen, Adam, and I still out. We stayed around the campfire until we let the fire out.

At around two o'clock, we all moseyed back to the food table. We soon regained our energy when we began rammaging through all of the half-eaten, and, in some lucky cases, uneatened food. To bums like us, it was heaven. We all got really giddy, even if the unopened coffee cake was littered with raisins. Even though I was quite hyper, I shooed everyone out of the house at three o'clock. Adam took home a shrimp ring. Steve took home a full box of chocolate pudding sundaes. We all went to sleep quite happy.

All in all, the Premiere was a huge success. A DVD copy of The Hand will be made quite soon.

The movies played were:

Teddy Bear Picnic (a short)
Teddy Bear Picnic Sequel (a short)
The Room (preview)
The Tea Room (preview)
The Hand (feature presentation)

Hopefully, I will upload some Premiere pictures in the next few days.


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-lyz- said...

hot dress ;p

Egg Launchers said...

Shake it FAST ! And the Premiere WAS fun