Thursday, February 15, 2007

A sad day at the gym

Whilst drying myself off after an enjoyable swim, I overheard two girls on the other side of the lockers chatting. They were talking animately about their summer plans. They were playing with the idea of maybe staying in Lennoxville during the summer. This is always worthy to mention, considering that there is precious little for a student to do here over the summer, as the town has a limited amount of jobs; you must be keen, fast on getting jobs, and you must be bilingual. In either case, the girls were discussing about living together if they were to both stay in town. The girls came around from the lockers to cast a glance into the mirror.
The blond one stated proudly,
"We should live at my house. I live close to the Lion." (For those unfamiliar with Lennoxville surroundings, the Lion is the popular student bar).

"Okay..." the dark haired girl replied, a little unsure, "but maybe we could live at my house. I have a pool."

Case closed, I thought as I did up my buttons.

The blond seemed less sure,
"Umm, but I live really close to the Lion."

"Well yeah, but a pool..." she trailed off.

"Uh, the Lion, like, obvious."

"That's true; you have a point," conceded the dark-haired girl, as she nodded.

They continued chatting, abandonned the mirror, and left.

I stopped tying my boots. Why on earth are girls like this allowed to use the same gym I am, I thought, looking disdainfully down from my high and mighty horse. A stinkin' bar versus a pool during the summer, and the girls choose bar proximity. Not only that, but during the summer, most of the student body leaves, as I mentioned above, so how much fun could a bar be without anyone your age, never mind anyone you know? Imagine, no one to pick up except for the questionable, loud, and skizzy locals.
Had I broken broken the truth to the girls, perhaps they would have chosen the pool. After giving the door that they had just left out of the most scornful look, I tossed my hair over my shoulder and made my way to my weekly Haughty and Supercilious meeting.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Impossible void


I am part existentialist. What a silly thing to say. I can say that I am part feminist, part socialist, part capitalist, part left-winged, part right-winged, part female...
Well, perhaps I cannot say the latter, but I can make vast generalizations about myself, and one way to do so is to say I am only half or "part" something. This makes backing out easy in any argument, as you can always state that you are not completely in agreeance with something or you are not completely for a particular motion or opinion. You are only part. You escape blame because you can always duck out by saying that you aren't responsible. People live with a fear of responsibility. Cowards.

Now, let us continue on the path of cowardice, shall we?

One thing I am adamant in is the void of human nature. I do not believe that human beings have a specific "nature" that they are naturally abiding by. At one time in human history, it was "natural" for women to be non-persons, and it was "natural" for men to enslave others deemed below him. Human nature is constantly in evolution; however, saying that human nature is changing contradicts the very idea of human nature. Thus, I don't believe human nature exists.

In North America, especially, we are forced to acknowledge that our actions continually affect someone else. Whatever we buy, the things we do, all of the actions we take indirectly AND directly affect someone else. As much as buying Nike or something which has a "Made in Taiwan" tag crockedly stitched on, it doesn't only affect people in third world countries, but people in our very own towns, who have to deal with our messes, our schedules, and our errant activities.

So, in some ways, we are doomed to be free. We are doomed to continuously harm or make others pay for our actions. But, honestly, what can you do about it? And, if one were to continuously think such thoughts, then one would surely drop into the wilted and decaying pool of dark depression. Especially if one has a heart. If you do not have a heart, and you are happy to think such thoughts about harming others, then you are not an existentialist, you suffer from an extreme case of neverending Schadenfreude. To cure: buy ice cream and take long baths. If this still doesn't make you a better person, at least you will be fat and always wrinkly and less likely to go out of your way to hurt others.

However, if you are not on the path of psychopathy, nor ever will be, the only answer is not to think about it. It isn't ignorance; it's life. Forget about the larger scheme of things. Go on, indulge in talking about that annoying co-worker, that poor mark, your broken nail...
And while you're at it, take pleasure in that annoying co-worker's failures.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

The tasty way to go

Finally, Canada takes a chocolate step forward; we can now buy Special K* Chocolatey Delight Cereal!

Mind you, it's not as good as any of the chocolate Muesli I experienced in Germany, but still, I think it wonderful that I can finally purchase chocolate cereal in my own country.

I see it as a wise lesson taken from Germany and those other heavily chocolated European countries; there is no need to be chocolate wary. I say cover those cookies, crackers, and cereals in chocolate and be not ashamed! In fact, be proud, as chocolate has only ever brought happiness, euphoria, lust, and the occasional stomach ache.

I would like to take this opportunity to say, Hello Chocolate, Goodbye Balsamic Vinegar!