Thursday, February 15, 2007

A sad day at the gym

Whilst drying myself off after an enjoyable swim, I overheard two girls on the other side of the lockers chatting. They were talking animately about their summer plans. They were playing with the idea of maybe staying in Lennoxville during the summer. This is always worthy to mention, considering that there is precious little for a student to do here over the summer, as the town has a limited amount of jobs; you must be keen, fast on getting jobs, and you must be bilingual. In either case, the girls were discussing about living together if they were to both stay in town. The girls came around from the lockers to cast a glance into the mirror.
The blond one stated proudly,
"We should live at my house. I live close to the Lion." (For those unfamiliar with Lennoxville surroundings, the Lion is the popular student bar).

"Okay..." the dark haired girl replied, a little unsure, "but maybe we could live at my house. I have a pool."

Case closed, I thought as I did up my buttons.

The blond seemed less sure,
"Umm, but I live really close to the Lion."

"Well yeah, but a pool..." she trailed off.

"Uh, the Lion, like, obvious."

"That's true; you have a point," conceded the dark-haired girl, as she nodded.

They continued chatting, abandonned the mirror, and left.

I stopped tying my boots. Why on earth are girls like this allowed to use the same gym I am, I thought, looking disdainfully down from my high and mighty horse. A stinkin' bar versus a pool during the summer, and the girls choose bar proximity. Not only that, but during the summer, most of the student body leaves, as I mentioned above, so how much fun could a bar be without anyone your age, never mind anyone you know? Imagine, no one to pick up except for the questionable, loud, and skizzy locals.
Had I broken broken the truth to the girls, perhaps they would have chosen the pool. After giving the door that they had just left out of the most scornful look, I tossed my hair over my shoulder and made my way to my weekly Haughty and Supercilious meeting.


Effovex said...

Perhaps proximity to the Lion is Lennoxville's Plateau Mont-Royal, the geographical bling-bling of the refined student socialite?

Zaza said...

I do typically use the word "refined" to describe Bishop's students, especially when I whip out the dripping sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

I'm a little sad that my name hasn't appeared in a blog entry of yours since 13 blogs ago.