Friday, September 19, 2008

Spreewald Gurken

For those familiar with the film, Goodbye Lenin, I have some exciting news: I bought my first Spreewald Gurken last week! Königs Wusterhausen is very close to the Spreewald and hosts a variety of meats and pickles from that area. At the market today, I replenished my Spreewald Gurken stock (I've taken a liking to the garlic flavoured ones).

I don't think I've ever been quite so excited about pickles before.

In other news, I faxed off my voter's registration form to Elections Canada today, so that I can vote. As soon as they receive my fax, they send me a special ballot to fill out. Once I receive it, I fill it out and send it back. Unfortunately, filling it out is my only option in this so-called democratic country, as eating the ballot would constitute a serious breach of the Canada Elections Act.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mein deutsches Leben

Welcome, gentle readers, to the latest edition of my blog, entitled:
Deutschland, zweitausendundacht (2008)!

I currently live in the town Königs Wusterhausen, just a half hour train ride South of Berlin. Königs Wusterhausen, or KW as the locals say, is, along with Quillabamba, the largest town I have ever lived in. However, what is the best about my location is how close I am to a most interesting and unique city. Every time I am in Berlin, I have this ball of excitement rolling around my stomach, and even though I have lived in Germany before, Berlin is an entirely different ball game. It's a city bustling with change and sparkling with a most rich and fascinating history. I am such a cold war buff, and this is the absolute best place to be in order to feed my ever-growing interest.

I will also be taking a few courses at Humboldt University, the oldest University in Germany, so before you know it, I will be a the real deal: a Canadian student, who is feelin' pretty cool, attending a Berlin University.