Monday, August 13, 2007

Something to relax to

We are packing our bags tonight for a full workweek of doing good ol' roughing it: camping. A few of us have decided to camp at the campground very close to Upper Canada Village, so we will be cycling back and to work, which makes it all quite convenient. We have stocked up on food and other amenities that will carry us through the week. There will be only us, the St. Lawrence river, plenty of books and stories, and a crackling fire.

I am looking forward to this week of relaxing, especially considering that
The Ugly Duckling just ended.

Yes, the play that I have been directing this summer, along with Andrea,
The Ugly Duckling, was performed this past weekend for Dairy Festival, and it went extraordinarily well. Everything just fell into place, which, luckily, has a habit to happen in theatre. It either explodes in your face or everything goes so smoothly; if you follow the laws of theatrics, there is nothing in between.

Here is a snapshot of
The Ugly Duckling by A.A. Milne - incidentally, the same playwright who wrote wordy Winnie the Pooh.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Cat Calamity

I am sitting on the piano bench in mid-practice when our cat lets out this painful wail. I always know by the sound of this wail that she is about to upchuck. My mother is at the computer and asks the cat, "Aww, what is it, Courtney?"

"Mom, she's about to throw up."

Mom decides that the best move would be to pick up the cat and chuck it outside. Of course, she does not realize that the cat is already at the point of no return - once she utters the wail, it is mere seconds before the first retch.

So, she picks up the cat, and I hear a sickening ssplatt of vomit hitting the floor. Yes, mother, the very best thing to do with a on-the-verge-of-throwing-up-cat is to pick it up by its stomach.

Of course, no sooner that the vomit has hit the floor that I am out of the house. I sit on the front steps and quietly wait (after doing my own bit of grossed out wailings) for the vomit to magically disappear and for things to return back to normal.

Mom is now encouraged to buy "hairball control" cat food.

Sunday, August 05, 2007