Saturday, September 10, 2005

Finally - a male strip club adventure!

After searching high and low for a male strip club, we were finally informed that the 281 were doing a tour and that one of their stops included Sherbrooke. Naturally, Andrea and I were very pumped. We managed to drag Paula along; unfortunately, Anna was not able to come.

I arrived at the Granada Theatre before the other two, so I secured us a table labelled "Reserved" which I pretended that I could sit at. I sat there alone for awhile, anxiously waiting for the other two girls. I soon learned that this show was for girls-only.

After only about one minute after the girls got there, we were ousted from our seats by a techie. He said that the table was reserved for staff. So, we took our chairs and found places even closer the stage.

Now, as for the male strippers... I just don't know where to begin! It was a real show, with plentiful costumes, lights, set, and even a 281 backdrop. The show lasted nearly three hours, with a considerably long intermission -- intermission was the opportunity for women to take a polaroid picture with the nine topless men.

Highlights of the show included a rendition of Saturday Night Fever, a pair of motorcyclists, the Phantom of the Opera (why couldn't I have been Christine?!), and a few solo acts. There were also lumberjacks with their chainsaws, car racers with their checkered flags, and firemen with their hoses. One of my favourite acts was the one where the one guy kept on switching costumes. He went from Usher, to a SWAT member, to a dude from the navy. I was drooling profusely when he became a gorgeous navy officer. It can't only be my weakness, can it?

There were also a number of funny skits; the car racers were pretty amusing, as well an act done in tutus. Also, Andrea, Paula, and I had a good laugh at the sandy-haired surfboarder, who basically made love to his surfboard. I also really enjoyed the number with the guy having a bath. For his number, cheesy love songs were played, but did they ever set the mood! It was a very sensual number, very different from the coarse and inappropriate acts of the motorcyclists. The bath guy came on stage with a bottle of champagne, sporting nothing but a white robe. He slowly took it off and revealed a small white towel wrapped around his waist. He slowly got into the rustic bath and within seconds, he stripped off his white towel and chucked it to the side. The girls in the audience went wild; we couldn't see anything, but it was implied that he was wearing nought.
He then took the champagne bottle and slowly began shaking it. We could only see the top half of the bottle. The music became more climatic. He then started to stroke the neck of the bottle, up and down, up and down, until finally, the champagne exploded everywhere. We giggled.

After awhile he stood up, and to everyone's dismay, he still had on a tiny underwear thing on. He then proceeded to pour the champagne down his body, over his crotch, and into a champagne glass. He filled three of these glasses and gave them to three "lucky" girls in the audience. Needless to say, Paula, Andrea, and I weren't all that keen to get some crotch-Champagne.

All in all, it was a very good night -- the 281 puts on an excellent show! I recommend it to anyone; it was definitely not nearly as sleazy as I originally had thought.

In other news, I invite everyone to check this out: It's information about my brother's movies. Everyone who attended the Premiere will know what it's all about.

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