Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Time (1)

I don't know why we keep coming back to this, but we do.

Andrea likes to imagine and think as to how many pictures she is in that she doesn't know about.

This is somewhat interesting, as there have been tons of pictures taken of you throughout your life, such as when you are simply in the background. There are also the ones taken at other kids' birthday parties, at the swimming pool, in your cradle, etc. There are also the pictures that may be floating around in different parts of the world, resulting from the one time you visited a particular country. And, of course, you may have tons of tourists in a number of your pictures too!

For example, Andrea had three pictures of me before we had actually met, which was summer 1999. In about 1989, Andrea's mother took a picture of a super cute, little girl at Upper Canada Village donned in 1860s apparel. That turned out to be me.

In about 1994, Andrea's Mom took a picture of Andrea going off the diving board at the Chesterville Pool. Guess who was the shivering, scrawny girl waiting in line behind her? Nine year old me, of course.

And again in 1997, Andrea's father took a picture of Martina and the other Young Interpreter girls at Upper Canada Village. As you may have guessed, one of those Younger Interpreters was I.

I think that's pretty neat. I remember watching an old home video, filmed during the summer of 1989 starring four-year old me, with my drooling baby brother as my sidekick. Then again, kicking and slobbering was all he could really do.

In that video, you see life in the day of my Mom and I going around Chesterville. Of course, Dad is there too, but he films the majority of it. If I recall correctly, I think I ask Dad at some point if I could film. Good thing he refused because that video camera was probably twice my weight and would have undoubtedly crushed me.

Anyway, Mom and I go to the swimming pool. I have floaties on and my Mom bobs around beside me. My Dad is sitting with my brother on a bench, just outside the pool. He films us splashing around.

I like to think of all the kids in that swimming pool; almost all of them were older than me. I'd put them at around twelve years old. If they were twelve in 1989, that means that they were born in 1977 and that means that they are 28 years old now! I think it's really neat to think about that. Those kids in that video have most likely moved away by now and are self-sufficient adults (let us hope). Maybe even some of them have kids. Maybe some of them bring their four-year olds to the swimming pool now too.

That's the neat, exciting, and frightening thing about time; it just keeps going and going. It's never new, it never gets old, and we can't get rid of it.

I can't wait to buy a house; it will be a haven of clocks, and my backyard will have sundials galore.

That may explain why my blog advertises ClockLink.

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