Monday, September 26, 2005

Be For Real

Goodness gosh golly gee, do I ever love theatre.

Chris Brodie and I discovered our bond today: our red hair, our face full of freckles, and our birthdays only two days apart (as well as being both eighty fivers as well). I learned that in his fragile high school years, he converted from a jock to a wacky drama kid. Yup, this guy knows what he's doing.

I met this anglophone girl from Aylmer, called Steph.
Every time I mention that Alex is from Aylmer to an anglophone from Aylmer, they immediately ask me if he is French or English. When I say anglophone, they get all excited and ask what high school he went to. They always hope that they will know who he is. I've had the same experience with Jamie and another of Paula's friends. It is obvious that the Aylmer anglophones are dying out and are scrabbling to find the rest of their breed. That must explain their curious excitement.

1 comment:

Tex Texerson said...

Ohhhh boy! An english girl from Aylmer! Maybe I can date her. Is she cute? Is she single? Or is she a mean old hockey playing lesbian? That Steph doesn't like me all that much.

I won't even address the flagrant grammatical errors.