Wednesday, September 21, 2005


And we keep coming back to this too.

How many hangers are there in the world? First, you look at a Reitmans, for instance, and you see the abundance of hangers that that specific store carries alone. Then, you think as to how many hangers are in the entire mall. Then, you think of the entire city. And then what about the number of hangers in the country? North America? The world?

That's when my head starts spinning. Has anyone else ever had the dream that everything in their dream is so full of stuff -- extremely large, too colourful, overcrowded and then you end up waking up in a cold sweat?

I have no idea what induces these dreams, but they happen to me every so often.

On another note, I am forgoing the Model UN Club for the Debating Club. Even though my colleague was a Model UN member in his tender youth, I prefer to stay away from such crazy shenanigans. No, it is not because I worry that I will be undateable but because there is no way that I can spend any amount of time with the President of that club.

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