Sunday, August 14, 2005


Yesterday, I volunteered for the International Youth Day at the World Pavilion. It is a great building, even though it is mainly there for promotional reasons. I set up and manned a booth for Canada World Youth.

The morning was slow, but the afternoon picked up, especially during the African Drumming Show. Overall, though, the event was well attended.

I love the kind of people that do this sort of thing and that work in fields such as communication, establishing contacts overseas, raising awareness, etc. Sometimes, you'll get a few people that are overally positive and that drive you nuts, but in general, the people tend to be very smart, laidback, open-minded, and have many, many stories to tell. I had a good number of interesting conversations with some of the people there.

At around lunchtime, another volunteer for CWY came to help me with the booth. She only stayed for two hours, so I didn't really see the point, but it was nice to have someone else there to talk about CWY experiences.
CJOH, CBC, and another television station unknown to me came to film snippets of the event. CJOH filmed me when I was talking to a woman who had an avid interest in what I was saying. I love talking about CWY and various personal experiences to other people, especially when they are interested (int'rested). That's when CJOH was filming me, so I suppose I also enjoy putting on a good show.

My feet were a bit achy at the end of the day, so I ended up putting a MINES MINES banner across my forehead and sitting down besides the guy who was promoting mines awareness. He left early, so I swiped a few DANGER LANDMINES stickers and a CIDA t-shirt.

I went back to Alex's after an arduous day of volunteering. After having a delightful potato salad, Alex left, and treebeard came to visit. He was getting a tad tiresome, and even when I asked him politely to leave, he insisted he stay. He even ended up jumping into bed with me. He preferred the stuffies, so he stayed a good distance away from me. He was quite the chatterbox. As I was trying to fall asleep, he kept talking about his instrument of love. I am sure that this was a treebeard impersonator because I am sure the real treebeard isn't so stubborn.

Due to my organ playing commitment, this morning found me at church. I hate annoying children. No, wait, I hate stupid parents who bring their whiny toddlers to church. What two year-old enjoys sitting on a hard, wooden pew listening to some guy drone on about some long-haired hippies no one has ever met?
Parents: stay at home with your kids. Don't whine about not being able to come out. Church will probably not be around in the next fifteen years, so you can be patient now and come out then.


Alanna Banana said...

devilish maggot children always mucking up good times. At Red Lobster there was a child yelling nonesense and his parents just cheered him on.

No one likes your children.

Tex Texerson said...

Really? Treebeard was here and I missed him again? Aww, shucks!