Thursday, August 18, 2005

Less Cogitation

On Wednesday, Robyn and I hopped into the car for our first road trip. After our first stop, which was getting him lunch, we went to the old Winchester Township building. This administrative building was used before North Dundas amalgamated. It is now used for storage and also for the trucks that do the road maintenance. He needed to pick up some bottles of orange spray paint. Whilst he was talking to a guy, I was poking around, something I do far too often, when I stumbled across the old offices used before amalgamation. The ceilings were streaked in yellow, remnants of the days of yore, when one could light up inside. It was pretty eerie, though. I could hear a radio playing softly somewhere, but all the offices were empty, albeit the lights being on. I felt that its disuse brought on this feeling of over-use. No one was around -- was I back in the seventies? It felt like I was in a time space continuam.


I am no longer marrying Leonard Cohen. Although I continue to love his poetry and voice, it is this that shatters my heart. Unfortunately, Lenny does not have the retirement money he thought he had and is knee deep in several lawsuits. There goes my plan of marrying rich.

Sum up of the Dinner Party:

I was very impressed by the large selection of cheeses that were available for munching. Among the many guests in attendance, there was The Black Tower, Miss Cat's Pee, Foot, and my favourite stink bomb. The bruschetta and cinnamon sticks were quite delectable, but it was the chocolate cheesecake that took the cake (ha) for being the most delicious. Hats off to Alanna for her impressive cooking/baking skills!

I enjoyed the wine, though that has nothing to do with the back of the car. The end.

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