Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Watering lawns should never, ever be allowed. It is disgusting that people waste gallons upon gallons of water solely for their own vanity. They want their little, quaint yard to look nice and presentable, so they douse it in water, without any regards as to what they may be damaging. They are using our drinking and washing water to water weeds around their house. It is ridiculous.
Why do people have this idea in their head that our resources are endless? Since when do we have an infinite amount of water? I wish people were more conscientious of how precious our water is. Us North Americans already waste enough water as it is. I guess we North Americans think that we will always have the easy life, so we might as well take advantages of all of our luxuries. That's the dumbest theory ever. I always make a point to conserve, even if I will have trees, air, and water to last me over a lifetime.

My neighbour is one of those people who do not care or are aware of the environment at all. She always leaves her car running. I understand if someone just hops out for a minute, but once she left her car running for a whole ten minutes whilst I was waiting inside. Also, for some reason, she does not like opening her windows in her car. If it is a comfortable temperature outside, nothing is opened or turned on. If it is hot, she turns on the air conditioning. It is almost as if she has a fear of the outdoors. I like having opened windows and feeling the wind and the outside air, but she boycotts this altogether. There was this time that I opened the window for a few moments longer than I normally do (I usually open it for a few seconds when we get into the car when it is stifling hot), and she promptly closed it on me.
It bothers me when people make no effort to recyle, not to mention when people litter and take the environment for granted. People can be so idiotic. Environment is always put in the back seat in regards to economic development and progress. Profit is always first, and environment always falls last. Sure, we all know that it is favourable in the short run, but not in the long run. I don't understand those who do not care for the long run. So, we'd rather make the big bucks now and then have unclean air seventy years from now, for example? I suppose there are people there that only care for their lifetime and perhaps for their childrens'. After they die, who really cares.

New topic:
The stupid machine was there again today. First, he has to annoy us by bringing his little kids to church; then, he has to march out onto that soccer field and be an oh-so smooth soccer player. He is overly confident, and he makes sure to make it clear that he is undisputedly the best. At one point in the game when he was playing goalie, the ball was kicked out past the net. I ran and got it for him, and he says to me: "Hey, Miranda, thanks", looking at me straight in the eye. He is the most fake sincere person. He must know that I find him annoying; it is not difficult to tell if you are irritating me.

I had an interesting conversation with Dad yesterday in regards to international economics and trade. There is a lot that I find confusing and difficult to grasp in terms of how money can grow to be worth more or lose its worth altogether. One cannot simply print tangible money and hand it out to the people. I guess you have to look at it more like bars of gold. A bar of gold is still the same, even if you cut it up in smaller pieces. I don't know. I don't really want to talk about this more until I know what is going on. If someone could clear this fog up for me, it would be greatly appreciated.

This rant wasn't really supposed to be this long. Thoughts trigger other thoughts. When I was cycling back from soccer, I noticed someone was watering their lawn, and, well, since I complain about that so much, I thought I should write about it.

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-lyz- said...

I watched my neighbour yesterday stand.. in the poring rain.. with a raincoat and an umbrella, hosing down his driveway.

I wish I could have vomited on him..