Friday, August 12, 2005

Camp commentary

Every time I am around children for a good chunk of time, I am thrown back to my years of yore before I discovered that the opposite sex was not, in fact, a breeding ground for cooties.

What are the major factors that make children children?

Their innocence
New experiences

They harbour that "never been touched" feeling (that I made reference to earlier) that is extremely appealing. There are so many things that they have not seen or done, and that is part of the joy with children. When they see you do something that you deem to be normal or if they see you wear something slightly outlandish, their little minds will find this spectacular because it is so new and exciting!

And then I get to thinking back of my own experiences. Some things that I saw when I was young had such an impact on me. I will never forget Mary at Upper Canada Village who drew a portrait of myself and taught me how to crack my nose. I will not forget Danny, my babysitter, who cultivated a most creative imagination, and who secured my passion for drawing, performing, and being someone I'm not. I tell you, flamboyantly gay babysitters are the best!

I think the ages 9-12 are the most interesting. It's when they start and discover who they really are and what they really like and dislike. This is the time when you become you. And this is the age where you can see possible potential budding.

There is a boy in my camp who has the most intense and dark looking eyes. I don't believe he is older than eight; though, he speaks as if he were nearly thirteen. Girls will fall for him later on in life, and he may become one of those proverbial "hunks".

On an unrelated note, where on earth are these girls coming from? When did Baba become popular?
I ask you this: why didn't I have a hoard of guys following me around in high school?

Answer: they were intimidated by my greatness, intelligence, stunning looks, incredible sex appeal, integrity, charm, amazing personality, and my wicked sense of humour.

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Tex Texerson said...

I think it was 'cause you smelled real bad. It's gotten worse.