Sunday, August 07, 2005

The makings of a hippie

It is rather difficult to express, in words, how much I love the outdoors. Today was another one of those beautiful summer nights: the ground is warm, but the air is cool. Night always makes things more mysterious. You also feel special because you feel that you are experiencing something on your own, as many people are sleeping or in their homes at this time of night. It's really that "never been touched" feel that is so enthralling.

I say that my love for the outdoors is difficult to express in words. It's true. It would be much easier if I could take you outside and show you exactly what I love so much. I just came back from cycling with my brother, and I love the feeling of the cool wind in my hair, throwing my arms up into the wind, and just singing at the moon.

I love combining my love of the outdoors with my love with people. You know, I truly do enjoy people. Although many people can be frustrating and annoy me, I still love people because of their diversity. They can be so interesting, smart, stupid, or just downright hilarious. They can be impossible, annoying, energetic, or full of integrity. They can be serious or goofy. They can be pretentious or plain.

I also love finding people who have that certain magic, that certain glow about them, that lets them appreciate the tranquility, softness, and strength of nature. It's just great when people appreciate nature that much and will stop and admire a terrific sunset, a sparkling lake, or rolling hills.

Speaking of people, Bab ran into a few friends of his about an hour ago now and has not been seen since.
It figures. Almost all of his friends are girls.

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