Sunday, January 22, 2006

Wonky Weather

I love the weather. I think that my mood can be quite affected by the weather; I seem to thrive on the changes, the smells, and on the very viciousness of it all. Of course, I am not wishing an ice storm, or worse, a tsunami on anyone; I am simply saying that I am constantly amazed by how powerful the weather is. The only way we have been slightly controlling it is by polluting the earth so badly that the temperatures are increasingly becoming warmer (due to greenhouse effect), but even our pollution has become uncontrollable. So, really, the weather is completely out of our hands, and that is exciting.

The weather here this morning was plus 10 degrees; it was grey, and it was just raining a little. By three o'clock, the rain had turned into thick flakes of snow. By the time I left rehearsal, there was an arctic blizzard going on outside. These are pictures taken in Chesterville. This is exactly how it looked like here, late this afternoon.

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