Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Oh that zany Zaz!

In light of my new camera, given to me from Woogie for Christmas, I have decided to share most (you know the censuring that goes on) of my photos with all of you. You can check them out here, or you can simply click on the newly added link on the right that is entitled, Zaz's positives: aisle 4. All of these pictures were taken during the holidays. As soon as more events come up, I will take more photos, and more photos will be added to the website. Thus, I will keep updating it.



andrew macnair said...

Hi, I am doing research into the double negative, and am curious why you use this as your title and what you know about it? Thanks,
Andrew MacNair
Not Not Architecture

Tex Texerson said...

Ain't nothing like a double negative.

Zaza said...

Tex Texerson really has no particular attachment to the double negative; his attachment and enjoyment lies in the bugging and teasing of the Miraculous Miranda.

I, on the other hand, am driven up the wall when people use double negatives and think they are speaking correctly. Check out some so-called Grammar Nazis and read the 5th comment down.

Effovex said...

The one with no capitalization?

Zaza said...

Also the one with the improper comma and ellipsis use. Hypocrisy, however, comes in later.