Monday, January 30, 2006

A lovely last-minute weekend

At nine o'clock on Friday morning, I get a call from my Dad, telling me that he, my sister, and my brother are all coming to see my play that very night! What can I say, I am ecstatic! I was at first a little nervous that they would be seeing this, and that, if it didn't go well, they would know about it, but then my excitement to see them again overrode the nervous feeling. Besides, I was very touched as to how much my Dad was keen on seeing it. I also couldn't wait to see my siblings again.

We saw Night B of the festival that night, which included my play, Claws. It went extremely well, but I will elaborate on my play, as well as the play festival as a whole in another entry. Yesterday, my family took Andrea and I skiing with them. What a wonderful time! Despite my numerous freak-outs on the slopes, the weather was perfect, and everyone had an excellent time at Mount Orford. Dad and Bab were attempting to do the mini jumps on the side.

"Hey, look Miranda, I'm hotdogging!" Dad yells to me after jumping daringly an inch off of the ground.

Oh, but don't make fun yet: I shrieked with glee when I myself "hotdogged" on the tiny little bumps. Yup, I was actually airborne for a split second!

It is such an incredible feeling being on the slopes. Beautiful scenery showcases itself all around you, and the wind that slightly bends the conifers around you couldn't be any more brisk. Being at the top of the hill makes you feel like you own this part of the world. You ski down, fast, the adrenaline and energy pumping all through your body, even all the way up into your head until you feel like you're flying. You barrel down the sleek, white hill, feeling the wind in your hair, enjoying having the snow sprayup behind you each time you turn and stop, and wickedly loving to spray other members of the family with as much snow as you can.

After skiing, we did a quick grocery shop run. We all went back to Andrea's apartment, and my Dad cooked us a succulent meal of eggs on spinach with his specialty cheese sauce. After finishing the meal with a few of Andrea's brownies, we all fell into a deep state of lethargy on her couches. Andrea was taking a shower and primping herself for her poem as we layed lazily on the couch. Dad opened the balcony doors a crack to get some fresh air. We all had very red faces from skiing and probably from too much sun. My Dad fell asleep, Bab read over his notes, and I (loudly) slurped my hot chocolate with a spoon. After waking up from our lounging stupor, we all, minus my brother, headed off to the theatre to see the play of Night C. Baba said that he needed to study; yeah, like we're going to believe that. Whilst we thought he was studying for the full three hours, he actually was doing the dishes, the deceitful little sneak.

The entire two days was a great time. It was fun to host my family; they sure brought a lot of life to a student apartment. Honestly now, what can be better than your Dad telling you tidbits of the Townships' history over some slices of orange, or chasing your brother and sister with pillows around the apartment?

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