Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas in November

Bright and early on every November 1st, the Halloween decorations are quickly torn down and stashed away, and the bright red and green that practically announces Frosty the Snowman himself are displayed out in the open for everyone to see. That's right; as of November 1st, it's Christmas everybody! Christmas decorations on sale, plastic Santas floating around in people's lawns, multi-coloured Christmas lights that shine the bejeezes out of you, and cheesy Christmas songs in Walmart.
This annoys me to no end.

Oh yes. Just this November, I can recall being in a Walmart, hearing Jessica Simpson wail O Holy Night,walking along the aisles of t-shirts that had "Made in Bangladesh" tags crockedly sewed on. It was not even Remembrance Day yet, and I here I was, entrenched in Walmart's consumeristic, plastic Christmas that felt as fake as ever. It's not that I'm advocating anti-consumerism here; I am protesting against the early, the November start on Christmas. Why are people so eager to start so early? I mean, I understand why stores push it, but why does everyone else jump on the stupid bandwagon?

But the very worst thing about the early start is that everyone is so eager to tear down their Christmas decorations almost right after the day itself. Besides, as soon as New Year's Day is over, everyone is probably gearing up for, god forbid, Valentine's Day. I do believe that Christmas is part of a greater holiday that is traditionally called "The Twelve Days of Christmas". The twelth day of Christmas is January 6th. Really, Christmas, in our society, isn't really just one day; it is the entire holiday, so why not keep on celebrating it with music, lights, and yummy cookies?

I say that everyone keep up their Christmas decorations a few days longer after New Year's Day and scrap November's Christmas all together. Besides, January is a very dark and cold month as it is, so it is always nice to see a few bright extra lights hanging off someone's front porch. And Christmas in November? Puhlease! I am sure we all have better things to do that month instead of hanging up lights and blowing up fake Santas; we all must finish off that super cheap and on-sale Halloween candy!

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