Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Music

The last two days have been deliciously warm, and all I have wanted to do was skip, frolic, wear dresses, and when people ask me how-are-you, I would answer with an enthusiastic "swimmingly".

Well, I did get around to doing two out of those four things, but unfortunately, school work, choir practises, and work shifts seem to eat up the rest of the sunny hours. The beginning of spring is a very busy time at University, and the way I get involved, I seem to make it all the busier.

Not only is the weather getting warmer and nicer, but many music shows and music students' honours exams are happening now. The past few weeks, I have managed to see at least one, if no two shows, per weekend. They all have been exceptionally well done. This Sunday night, I am seeing curly red-haired Emily perform, and then I will have seen all the House of Love's music talent. And let us not forget the receptions that follow the shows, which usually contain a plentiful spread of fancy and old cheeses; it is always a nice way to finish the evening. I must say, this is one of my favourite choices of evening entertainment. A night at the theater or a night at a music show? What lovely things to choose from! Of course, there are other things that are on par with such cultured entertainment, such as camping, canoeing, cycling, soccer, hiking, walking, but those activities always depend on the weather.

I don't think I can stress enough how much I enjoy the changing of seasons; I enjoy winter to spring, summer to fall, and fall to winter, in order of season-changing preference. For some reason, I don't count spring to summer as a change in seasons, even though I suppose it is. I just think of it as something that just comes so slowly and unobtrusively, so it never really enters my mind.

Under the clear, bright skies, countless students were seen outside today, throwing around a frisbee, playing guitar, lying on the grass, and chucking a ball around, giving me the sudden urge to play catch. It made me wonder if my brother still has the two old mitts lying around...

I hope Bab will be pleased to hear that I am anxious to get my bike out and running again. I am sure, however, that he is way ahead of me on this one.


Tex Texerson said...

Warm days... yum!

I'm bringing my football. None of this baseball glove malarkey!

Egg Launchers said...

I was biking in January...