Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"And" shouldn't start a sentence

And it was my grandmother who gave us the book "Sex Talk". Well, I hope it's not as weird as it sounds, considering she does not let my mother leave her apartment empty-handed. She always has to stock her up with who knows what. Besides, my grandmother volunteers at a library.

So, it is back into the grind after my blissful reading break. Granted, I did not go out of my usual Qu├ębec and Ontario radius, but I still had quite good time. I think it has been ages since I have been that relaxed. I greatly enjoyed the moments I spent sitting by the fire, reading my book, writing ideas and thoughts on loose pieces of paper, and slurping hot chocolate. Although, it was awfully shameful that one day I slept in until 1:47 pm, I did savour my numerous late mornings.

That being said, I also did some skating (on a pond, as well as on the canal), as well as a night of downhill skiing. Albeit the dire cold, the wind, and the bump on my eyeball as a result for not wearing goggles, the skiing was rather fun. Baba and I tackled the intermediate hill, and after three tries, I could ski down the hill without losing control and barrelling down the hill at ridiculous speeds.

I took a few good ski pictures, which will be up on Aisle Four soon.

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