Monday, December 19, 2005

My people in a gazebo

I know that if there were teleporters around, I would use MSN less.
Last year, I remember...

It was a cool night; it had just stopped snowing, and I was all buddled up in my puffy red coat. I was walking back alone from somewhere in Lennoxville. I crossed over the bridge, took the short cut by running down the ditch and onto the field. I was making my way back to my residence, and I decided to take the way passing by the library. Beside Bishop's library, there is a very quaint and lovely gazebo.

Unlike this picture taken in the daylight, it was a very beautiful and starry night. The snow was twinkling from the various lights around the library and Divinity house. It was all very peaceful.

I decided, upon coming up to the gazebo, to stop and walk inside. I went in and sat on the bench.

The bench was cold, so I tried not thinking about it. My mind started to wander, and I started to think what it would be like if I could fill this gazebo with all the people that I wanted to talk to right now. I realized how many people I knew that if I could talk to in person, I would. There are some people that I hardly see enough. A few of these people are a result of doing the program Canada World Youth. It is impossible to see some of those people often, specifically my counterpart Olya. Olya was a girl full of integrity, intelligence, and humour. She was hilarious and always had great stories to tell. And was she ever a tower a strength during the program! Olya and I became very close friends; I wish I could have brought her back to Canada with me because I am sure that she would love living here for awhile and my friends would get along with her.

Then, there are those in the region close to home that I also see far too seldom -- some that I miss very much. Imagine if I could conjure up all of the people that I felt like seeing and talking to at the time and put them in this gazebo for a few hours. Granted, the gazebo was quite cold at the time, and I might have conjured up people just out of the shower, so I would have invited them all back to my residence with me.

It's just a shame that there are so many times that you just cannot be with the people you want. At least for me, there are times like that. Fortunately, I can (just) bare living without those people for the time being, so I am not forced to violently suck people from their warm beds and put them in a frigid gazebo.
Unless, of course, I go crazy and am forced to marry the Ukraine, just to be able to extradite the lovely Olya.

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