Saturday, December 03, 2005


After reading an entry about the appeal of doing things alone (in Sarah's blog), I decided that I myself would write something about it. I have thought about this numerous times; though, as many things, I have just not written it down yet.

All throughout high school, I was annoyed with girls who could not go to the bathroom on their own. They always needed to have another girl with them. I dreaded hearing the words,

"Come to the bathroom with me!"

It was always said in such a way that I found extremely pathetic. I mean, if you can't even go to the bathroom on your own, a very personal activity, then it shows how little you can really do alone. Then again, a lot of people cannot shine like me when it comes to self-confidence in high school, so I really can't blame them.

Although I really enjoy being around positive and fun people, I also treasure my alone time very much. Sometimes, I just need to take a midnight walk by myself. Sometimes, I just need to sit by the river or play music alone in my room. Sometimes, I also enjoy sitting out on the balcony and singing. Another great solace is playing the piano -- something I can do solo for hours on end until I literally collapse.
Alone time is superb. It gives you a chance to think, relax, and just cultivate your aloneness. I am not saying that it isn't relaxing with other people; it is just sometimes very nice to withdraw yourself for a bit.

I also enjoy doing things alone, sometimes in the interest of meeting new people. Particularly at Bishop's, I like to arrive at the cafe, a club, or a meeting alone, just to be able to do something that I want to do, not relying on anyone else. And, who knows? Sometimes I will get into an interesting conversation with someone, sometimes I will just sit back and listen, and other times I will leave early. It's up to me, and I like that; there's no pressure.

I enjoy shopping usually with just one other person. I enjoy eating with others, and I like to have interesting discussions. I do like being around people, but there simply are times that I would prefer to be alone, in a room filled with cushions, paper, pens, and a grand Steinway piano.

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Sarah said...

Singing is something I really enjoy doing when I'm alone and don't do nearly enough.