Friday, December 02, 2005

The Edukators

Perk number one of having an ushering job at Centennial theatre: being able to watch cool movies.

Tonight, I was privy to the late show of the film, The Edukators. It is a superb German film, very poignant and real. When the movie first started, I wasn't quite sure if I was going to like it, as they seemed to be dipping quite often into clich├ęs. It is a movie about young people living a difficult life, who often feel exploited by capitalism and rich people. They are the new age hippy; they support animal rights, crusade against child labour, and whine and complain about how the rich have sucked out all of their potential.

The film becomes interesting when the three main characters kidnap a very rich guy who supposedly exploits the young girl. The four of them temporarily live in a small wood cabin in the heart of mountains. They are surrounded by stunning views, grassy knolls, and fresh rivers; it is simply beautiful. I thought the pace of the movie was very well done, the characters seemed realistic, although quite idealistic, and the music choice was amazing. I am completely speechless when Hallelujah, my number one favourite song, is played. Jeff Buckley sang it in this movie. Then again, perhaps I was completely enthralled by that song and disregarded the movie altogether, so who really knows, right?

Regardless, I found the movie to be quite moving, and I recommend it to those who will not get too bogged down by the initial view of risky and irresponsible youth.

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