Monday, November 14, 2005


On Saturday night, I, along with an audience of others, had the occasion to attend the play Deathtrap: "A thriller in two acts", which my Dad directed.
It is a very sharp script, interesting characters, and the twists and turns are plentiful. The actors were great (two of them are professional), and the set was superb. Pictures are below.

A synopsis:

Sidney Bruhl is a successful writer of Broadway mystery plays who was at one time considered one of the best Broadway mystery writers. Unfortunately, Bruhl is now struggling to live up to his own reputation, suffering through a series of four consecutive flops. But then Bruhl comes upon the manuscript of a brilliant suspense drama written by unknown writer Clifford Anderson. Bruhl, desperate for a hit play, invites Clifford to come to see him, telling him that he is interested in collaborating with him on the play. Actually, Bruhl plans to murder Clifford and pass off Clifford's play as his own. What Bruhl doesn't know, however, is that Clifford has some surprise plot points of his own up his sleeve.

It was also made into a 1982 movie, starring Michael Caine and Christopher Reeve.

I think Alex was the one who pointed out to me that my brother's production, "The Hand" had made it on stage as a pretend past production of the once-famous Sydney Bruhl. I thought that was quite funny. My brother's amateur summer production made it on stage! For those of who don't know "The Hand", I suggest that you all get familiar with it. You can own your own copy on DVD today for five dollars, actually.

I had a bit of a chat with the young guy who played Clifford Anderson. As he graduated high school in 1998, and I started grade nine in 1999, we just missed each other. I remember thinking that he was so cool when I was about eleven years old. I saw him in 1996 in the play, Move Over Mrs. Markham by comedic playwright, Ray Cooney - the first play that my Dad directed. I remembered envying him because he was old enough to act with the adults, and I wasn't! Besides, it looked like so much fun.
Anyway, we were talking, and only after a good way into the conversation did he realize that Tony was indeed my Dad. He was telling me how much of a good time he had had working with him, as well as all of the actors.

Andrea, Alanna, and I, as well as probably Alex, were the giddiest when Sydney Bruhl and Clifford Anderson almost kissed. Alanna was waiting for some more action. Actually, for the last performance, the entire backstage crew were betting quarters as to whether or not Clifford would actually kiss Sydney. Clifford was going in for some lip touching, but the telephone rang just in time. I don't think Sydney was expecting that Clifford was actually going to kiss him, but, come on, it's the last show and unexpected tricks are expected!

Also, I would like to make a special mention to my Mamerz, who played Helga ten Dorp, the Dutch psychic. She was entertaining, upbeat, and very funny. Her crazy enthusiasm fueled the audience. Also, her accent was very convincing. Wait... there really is something with type casting, isn't there?

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