Wednesday, November 09, 2005


Zaz, where on earth have you been?

Yes, I am sure everyone has been wondering.

Well, I suppose it has something to do with the fact that I am currently swamped in work. That is mostly due to the fact that I do all of my school work during the week (Monday - Thursday), so I can have my weekend off to do all sorts of things that are usually labelled as "fun". Past events include Halloween parties, birthday parties, and a frantic pastry shop run. This Thursday night, I will be attending a Coheed and Cambria concert in Montreal at the Metropolis. Later on this weekend, I will be seeing the the play, Deathtrap, a exceptionally clever murder mystery. I will post pictures of the play after I see it.

But enough of my day-to-day life. "[T]hat's seriously boring."

A few weeks ago, Andrea and I meet in Deviance class as usual. She had a particularly bad time the previous night (due to some opposite sex conflicts), so I naturally show up with a Kit Kat bar to cheer her up. She was delighted, of course, even though she was one step ahead of me; she had bought herself a 75% dark chocolate bar, which is our favourite. She shared some of it with me, and about a minute afterwards, the prof began his lecture.
I remember it being a rather enjoyable lecture, which is a very usual occurrence in Dr. Lustigman's class (literally translated to German, his name means "funny man"). Anyway, halfway through the lecture, I was hit by a sudden cough, which naturally brought my hand to my mouth. As I pulled my hand away after the coughing had stopped, I noticed little light brown specks in my hand.

Ohmygod, I have tuberculosis!

As ridiculous as that may seem, it was the first thing that came to mind. My heart immediately started palpitating faster, and my throat felt dry. I looked frantically around the classroom.
Only seconds past until I realized,

Oh. It was chocolate.

Chocolate, ha! And I had thought for a second that it was tuberculosis, TB, the consumption, whatever you call it. I audibly laughed at loud at myself. It was a bit disappointing that no one else in the class knew about this; even though I felt extremely silly, it was still very funny, and I had wanted to share it. Yes, even if they would have laughed at me.


Yesterday, I was sitting in Translation class at my usual desk beside my acquaintance, Hilary. She is a cute little American girl with a lisp, and we sit beside each other because we are the only non-fluffs in the class. It is a very estrogen ridden class, as there are only about four guys in it.
One of the guys looks like a turtle, but he is from England and has a to die for British accent, so I suppose that makes up for it.

Anyway, we're dutifully sitting in class when I hear stomach churning cracks. It sounds like someone's spine is being slowly cracked in two, or as if someone's neck is slowly coming off someone's neck. I jump out of my seat with my mouth agape, frantically looking around the class for a decapitated poor soul.

The girl beside Hilary is screwing off the cap of her water bottle.

Good God.

Hilary looks at me with an eyebrow raised with a what-the-hell-is-up-with-you face.
I smile reassuringly at her and try to relax myself. I take my pen and try to regulate my breathing again.

I wonder if it is an overactive imagination or the unconscious plea for some serious drama.

And yes, it's drama, not drahma.

A Time entry is on its way!

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