Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The Concert

Last Thursday night, I attended, as previously mentioned, the Coheed and Cambria concert in Montreal. Not counting Polish Idol or the Arrogant Worms, this was my first real concert. I am sure the other two concerts could be considered as real, but they were a lot more subdued. Then again, I did also see the Trews in an outdoor concert, but again, I felt disconnected from the band probably because it was outside, and there weren't seventy million people there.
Anyway, I digress.

Upon entering the Metropolis, my entire body and thought process seemed to have slowed down. Mouth agape, eyes wide, I tried to take in as much as I could. Alex had to push me along, to make sure that I got my ticket ripped by the dude and steered me into the concert hall.

After getting our coats checked, we made our way through the stools and tables, until we got to the floor. There was a screeching band on stage -- all they did was scream -- which I believe were the Blood Brothers. Though it wasn't too fun to hear them, the good thing about the band was that they were interesting to watch. They both had funny ways that they would twist their bodies when they sang. Also, they both wore girls' pants with a black studded belt. One of the singer's jeans were dangerously low, though I was told by Alex that he was expecting the jeans to be even lower.


We stood on the stairs that went up to the balcony, so we could be close to the stage and see over people's heads. It was a perfect spot. Coheed and Cambria came on at around ten. Let's just say that it was an excellent show from start to finish. Not many bands are that tight and seemingly very well-rehearsed. I didn't really know how the band members looked like, so it was a neat surprise to see the main singer, Claudio, step on stage with a shiny, twelve-string guitar and a mass amount of hair. In my opinion, his hair was definitely an interesting part of the concert, as it seemed to be an entity in itself. His voice was near perfect, as it matched the voice in his CDs. This is a band definitely worth seeing, as they put on a great show.

It was also fun seeing the band with such a fan(boy), who, may I add, had to practically run to the bathroom before every new song because of the excitement.

Before and after the show, we commented on the "emo" style. For guys, it is tight girls' jeans, a black belt, a form-fitting t-shirt, a shaggy, swept hair style, and oftentimes black rimmed glasses. There is also something about the shoes, but as I rarely look at people's feet, I couldn't really tell you much about it. There were quite a few guys at the concert with the "emo" style. The look is a little dorky but can be cute if it works.
As for girls, I am not entirely clear on the whole look, but I know that it usually involves glasses and short, spiky hair.

The night ended delightfully with another visit to Martina's; we ate some brownies and then I had some 99 cents pizza. The drive home was uneventful, except that I cleaned out Alex's car.


Tex Texerson said...

That's weird, I didn't see Brent go to the bathroom once.

Emo girl hair is often the same as emo boy hair. Same with the jeans. And sweaters. Weird, I just realised there is no difference at all, except emo boys have the tiniest bulge in their girl jeans and emo girls have the tiniest bulges in their girl t-shirts.

Zaza said...

Or large bulges, depending on the guy or girl.