Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Parts of the Eastern Townships have been flooded!
School was cancelled yesterday, as Bishop's University and Champlain College closed the bridge that nearly every student and staff off-campus uses.

The flooded fields, yards, and streets are pretty impressive. Here is a shaky "Flood" movie that perhaps will not make you cry, but it will certainly give you the feel of what's going on here.

If the movie isn't working for you, I invite you to check out these cool pictures.

Stay tuned for a following entry on our favourite topic: religion!


Mister Hand said...

God, no more... please.

Mister Hand said...

Okay, I was kidding. I'm actually waiting with bated breath.

Ilana said...

Hey! You linked to my blog! Thanks... that was a pretty crazy flood, eh? Glad you thought my pictures were worthy enough to link to.