Monday, October 31, 2005

Cancun vs. Russia

Every time you purchase a meal at our school cafeteria, you receive a ticket in which you are eligible to win a trip to Cancun, Mexico.
The chances are higher than the total number of residents in Russell, Chesterville, Winchester, Cornwall, and the student body at Bishop's University combined; so, I really don't have a chance to win this silly trip.

Andrea and I were musing about who we'd bring should we win the trip. The winner gets to bring three other people with them to Cancun, and they all get to enjoy a seven-day trip in a Resort, all expenses paid. I told Andrea I'd most likely bring Alex, Alanna, and she as my three others.

After talking about it for a bit, I realized that this is really not my kind of trip. I would much prefer to travel elsewhere, and even if I did go down south, I would prefer to travel around the countryside, see towns, villages, scenery, people; basically do my own thing and not just stay in an excessively large, rich-person's resort.
Then again, I thought about what would happen if I won this trip during the coldest and most miserable time of winter and the trip was sloted for the following week. I could possibly see myself just taking off.
Andrea and I talked a little more about it, and as much as that would be tempting and very warm, we would most likely end up selling the seven-day, four-people in Cancun prize and using the money for our own kind of trip.

Anyone want to come with me to Sakhalin, Russia?

I hear they have babies you can adopt who can teach you Russian.


Tex Texerson said...

Or.. You could just give the trip to me and I could take my three other girlfriends. And then I could lend you my russian girlfriend to teach you russian and.. other things..

Effovex said...

There are, in theory, Russian courses at Bishop's. They never actually have Russian classes though, probably because enrollment isn't high enough. Last year I heard from Vanessa (who was in our German class last semester) that there was a petition of sort to get the classes to be actually held, and we both wanted to sign up, but she never managed to contact the petitionist. I don't know if there is such a thing this year 'round - if there is, let's hope the organization is a tad better.

I think I'd rather visit Greenland in the summer than Russia in Winter - there is something about Greenland that makes it extremely attractive to me. The colors appear a bit discolored, as though the light was softer. I wonder if lighting is similar in the Territories.

As for Russia, it'd be neat, but Sakhalin? I have no idea. Couldn't you have picked a place with a tourist-friendly page? Or at least one in English?

Of course, the idea of travelling with you anywhere is a bit ludicrous. I'd hope you have friends who'd follow you to the weirdest places in the world, so that you don't have to resort to inviting that guy you barely know who posts on your blog from time to time.

Tex Texerson said...

I know all her friends, and the only reason they keep her around is on the off chance she wins a trip for four to somewhere warm and bring them. It's kind of like buying into a lottery pool.

It's also kind of like hanging around a dead skunk.

Effovex said...

You can do a lot of stuff with a dead skunk - you can poke them with a stick; or crush their head with your foot until the eyes pop out; or dissect them and put the parts into ziploc bags; and you can probably make smelly bombs out of their anal scent gland. Lotsa fun in perspective!

Tex Texerson said...

Umm.. yes.. but that doesn't change the fact that they smell real bad and you probably wouldn't want to travel with one.

-lyz- said...

I've always wanted to go to the city of Prague for some reason.. or Luxembourg? anyone in?

But if I am affording a trip, it will definately be back to Ghana first.

-lyz- said...

or a pointless but humorous side trip could be taken to Austria to visit a friend of mine, but also to visit Fucking...
any takers? (to add to the hilarity, the sign below it translates to "Please! Not so fast!"

Zaza said...

Am I a proverbial dead skunk? Or am I really a dead skunk?

I have a fear of ziploc bags, just so you know.

Tex Texerson said...

I'm not aware of a proverb involving a dead skunk.

Zaza said...

You are as likable as a skunk.

You are as welcomed as a skunk at this get-together.

Don't go back and check on a dead skunk.

Something like that. Maybe not proverbs, but sayings?

Tex Texerson said...

Did you just make those up? If so, they don't count.

How about "Don't travel overseas with a dead skunk"?
Or "Hallowe'en sucks with a dead skunk"
Or maybe "Maybe it's time you dump that dead skunk".

Yeah, that's right sistoh, it's September 19th all over again foh you!


Zaza said...

Read them again, and weep Tex: they are real!

No one is asking you to travel with a dead skunk; that is up to you.
Besides, a very strong odour emanates from you as well. I prefer to keep it on the low-down, though.
Perhaps you are the one who needs the ziploc bag.

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