Saturday, October 15, 2005

Couple of 3

Whether you love or hate the dating scene, you must agree on the fact that we are all looking for one other person to couple up with. We are looking to date a mate.

As you can see (or not), I have put emphasis on the singularity of a mate. We do not go out looking for two or three or more people to date at once. Sure, there are those who like to date a variety of people within a period of a month, for instance. And there are also those guys who enjoy being with a number of girls at once. Also, there are plenty of single people and couples that are on the lookout for other mates only for the purpose of sex. However, no one actively goes out looking for two serious partners. People get married to either one man or one woman. Of course, there are laws to prohibit polygamy, but very, very few people are on the search for two compatible mates.

Now, let's look at what our society is based on. North America is largely based on the values and morals of Christianity. Even if you are an atheist, the idea of marrying two people, instead of only one, is completely foreign to you. No one thinks this way, and obviously many people would put down the idea without another consideration because of how different it is. We are entrenched in a two-couple society. In Canada, it is interesting to note that gay marriage is finally being accepted (going against traditional Christian beliefs) and incorporated into our society. Is it the same as slowly incorporating the idea of a three-way marriage? Accepting the idea of certain kinds of polygamy?

One thing needs to be established -- this idea is not the male's typical fantasy. This is a completely equal relationship. The couple could either be two girls and one guy or two guys and one girl, but the latter would be more rare. Girls tend to be more comfortable with each other, and there exists many more bisexual women than men. So, I am referring to the three person couple, in where there are two women and one man.

So, guys, as much as you are living and sleeping with two women, they are not only sharing you, but you are also sharing each of them. It is a completely equal three person relationship, in which they all love and care for each other equally.

Okay, so what are the advantages of such a strange "triple"? There are two main bonuses: a better support system and a stronger family network for kids. As it may seem like a larger challenge to make two people happy, rather than only one, it actually makes for a stronger relationship. Instead of only having one person to watch over you and care for you, you have two people who love you to death. The important word in this relationship is equal. Everything has to be completely equal between the three people. Then again, this doesn't mean that two of them can't have sex without the other. What if the third person is tired and doesn't want to sex it up? I say that the other two can go ahead and have their fun. If the relationship works properly, and if they are all very secure, then I see no harm at all. Also, think of all the fun potentials this relationship could bring. You would learn to be intimate with two people at once. You may think that there would be less of a connection because "three is a crowd", and you can only be really intimate with one person at once. I disagree. You know that comforting, loving, and sometimes sexual feeling that you feel at the pit of your stomach for someone? Imagine having this feeling for two people at once. Imagine what a happy and satisfied person you'd be. You would grow and learn with these other two people. As my colleague mentioned, you would have a constant little party. How could things get dull when there are always three people around?

Second of all, a three-way relationship would be excellent for children. It would make parenting a whole lot easier, as there would be three parents instead of only two. Perhaps to avoid the problem of it being only the child of two of the parents, the easiest solution would be to adopt a baby. Having three parents would pose less of a strain on the adults, and they would probably be ultimately happier. The kid would have a strong and open-minded household and would probably become a very well-rounded and accepting kid.

Now comes the important question: what kind of a person could actually enter into a three-way serious, committable relationship? This person would have to be:

-extremely open-minded


-feel very secure

-comfortable with others



Obviously, the girls in the relationship would also need to be perfectly bisexual.

It is important that none of the parties in the relationship ever feel insecure. They cannot feel jealous, and they cannot have preference of one person. I must say again that the relationship needs to be perfectly equal. For example, I must love Jane and Fred equally, as Fred must love Jane and I equally, and Jane must love Fred and I equally. Again, it must be clear that this relationship isn't only meant for a man to get his sexual kicks in. Although this may be a bonus, remember that you have to now make two women happy.

In summary, the advantages of a couple of three, if done right, are:

-good company
-growing with not one but two people

-loving two people equally

-excellent support system

-strong family

-excellent support network for kids

-healthy environment

-superb sex

-makes you even more open-minded

Just an idea...

Though it's not exactly the same concept that I am talking about, this is an interesting three-way relationship story.


ms. creek said...

3 has always been a good number for me!

Mister Hand said...

Yay! I can post a comment!

Except, now I can't think of anything to say, except...

marry me?

Zaza said...

Mister Hand,

Sure, as long as you are aware of the fact that we may not be on a same "Star Trek" level, if you catch my drift.

And, I enjoy your entry with my link.

Anonymous said...

Alanna says: Omg, I'm totally game if you and Alex are. This is going to rule, being in a triangle of love. Except that I don't really want to have sex with either of you (no offence), although you're both totally sex-able. Actually, I just think you're nice. Can we just be friends?


Mister Hand said...

(ashamed of his ignorance even though he's a STAR TREK fan):

Um... no... I don't know what you mean by STAR TREK level?

(nervous laughter ensues)

Tex Texerson said...

Dave and Odie are bound to have a kid soon.. We'll just call dibs on it and wait it out. Until then, we can experiment with Alanna.

-lyz- said...

I actually have a friend who has been in a 2male, 1 female live-in relationship for about 10 years or so.. very happy, and healthy relationship.

I think my honey would be far too worried about turning his lovely bi girlfriend into a lesbian to try that though ;p oh well.. life goes on.

Tex Texerson said...


Perhaps the most important attribute for a person to enter such a relationship is maturity, which pretty much rules you and I out right off the bat.

ps: you smell

Zaza said...


Maturity is key, alongside with having a good odour.
Guess that rules you out.

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