Sunday, February 12, 2006

Pain partout

I had a dream that I was directing a play again. Only this time, I was with the French director, Lucie. We were working together for some reason, even though I knew we shouldn't have been. I think I remember Corey-Anne being there. We were rehearsing in this big empty space, kind of like a high school gym, but carpeted in some areas. I think I was taking over Lucie's play and doing the directing for her.

I was suddenly transported to a dimly lit grocery store. I remember wanting to buy some bread. Perhaps it was for my play, but I can't really remember. Actually, this part of the dream may be related to the fact that I had to eat bread on stage for my last play. Anyway, in the dream, bread-buying became such a big ordeal. I found a huge loaf of bread that must have been at least my height, but I didn't buy it, even though I knew I was looking for something big. I kept scanning the aisles for loafs of bread to buy. I knew that I was going down the same aisle again and again, but I was sure that I'd come across something that I hadn't seen before, something that I liked. I kept walking down the aisle faster and more urgently, thinking that I was in a rush. Perhaps I was. I remember the bread quite distinctly: there was white powdered bread, there was dense, thin-sliced brown bread, and there was normal whole-wheat bread. I examined all of these breads variations very carefully. The lighting in the store was getting dimmer, so it was getting harder and harder to see the bread.

Dreams that are so concentrated on one insignificant thing sometimes give me the heeby jeebies.

N.B. The word "pain" in my title does not refer to the English meaning of the word, but rather the French meaning (translated to "bread"). Please do not confuse or I may have to suffer some consequences of concerned people.

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