Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My Future Housemates

Ever since I met Paula and Anna in residence my first year of University, we, including Andrea, have all wanted to live together. They are three superb and wonderful ladies, all whom enjoy the outdoors, unusual conversation, laughing, and, of course, chocolate fondue at midnight.

With a mixture of good luck and some persuasion on Paula's part, we have managed to land a funky four-bedroom house. We were elated when we heard that we would be renting the house next year. The house is full of character; it has a funky, green livingroom, an old-fashioned kitchen, a closet bathroom, four colourful, large, and erratically shaped bedrooms, as well as a huge bathroom upstairs complete with an old-fashioned bathtub. The river is very close behind our house, we have hippy-like neighbours, and we are only a six minute walk from the school.

And the best part of it all? Living with Andrea, Paula, and Anna.
Every day, I will love coming back to the house because it won't just be a house, it'll be our home; these girls make me nothing but happy and always get me thinking and laughing.
We will make our own house of love!

Here are some pictures of the lovely girls (aka Festering Green Pepper, Cheese, Garlic):

On another note...
Besides the usual google searches for "double negatives" and "Bishop's University" that make people land on my site, the next set of keywords are, "will there be a snow day tomorrow?"
Yup, and the poor soul must have been so disappointed to find out that I do not have the answer. I should redirect them to my mother.


Anonymous said...

I am HURT. Obviously those girls are sort of 'neato', but hey remember ALANNA? She lives with her parents and only has one friend - herself.

So, I don't know where I'm going with this...

Zaza said...

Don't tell me you haven't forgotten about our luxurious AMA palace with over a hundred men painted in gold serving us grapes!

This house is merely my second choice.

Anonymous said...

It's Andrea. I think you meant to say "don't tell me you've forgotten", or " tell me you haven't forgotten", but that's ok. We all know what you meant anyways. I mostly just felt I had to write a comment so that AMA would be reunited on this page. Hi Alanna.

Zaza said...

"Don't tell me you've forgotten..."

Right, that's what I meant!

Tex Texerson said...

Since the original "house of love" is a constant naked sex-fest.. And you guys are making your own "house of love"... Can I come over?

Scott A. Edwards said...

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