Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Lingering Annoyance

I am extremely irritated when something that I am trying to listen to or watch is being interrupted by people making sounds.
Although people making stupid comments and being loud throughout movies at the theatre is almost rage worthy, I am referring particularly to lectures or any kind of seminar.

Let us take for example my Malaise of Modernity class. Last week, at around half past, when there was still at least fifteen minutes left, half of the class began to pack up. So, you hear the pens being put into pencil cases, you hear books and binders being closed, you hear the shuffling of backpacks, you hear zippers being opened and closed, and you hear the rustling of coats. Then, they just sit there, watching the clock and constantly shuffling. It is unimaginable how much this annoys me. Why do people pack up when there is still time left? If you want to leave the class, then leave and leave the rest of us in peace! I feel bad for the professor who is up there teaching because I know he or she can hear all the sounds, and then they either feel the need to wrap up early or they will pathetically try to draw people back into the lecture, and it all begins to feel awkward. The worst thing about it is that this happens frequently; if not in this class, then in another one.

I think it is simply respectful to stay for the entirety of the lecture rather than somewhat subtly letting the professor know that you want to leave. If you want to leave or you have to leave, then do so quietly. Nobody is asking you to sit through the lecture; hell, if you people left, I am sure the other half of us would be a whole lot happier.

I mean, I would be very irritated if I were on stage in a play and people would be making noise, zipping and unzipping their bags, and shuffling constantly through papers. I know that it isn't quite the same thing, but I think the idea is similar. You have chosen to go to the play or lecture, so you should be courteous and respectful. Is that really so hard?

The next time I do any public speaking and am being continuously interrupted, I will step off of the stage, go into the crowd, smack the disturber and make a huge scene that will surely bring embarrassment to a whole new and toe-tingling level.

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