Sunday, June 03, 2007

Work fluff

A friendly man from Pennsylvania phones me up to make four reservations at one of our campgrounds. Each reservation needs to be made separately, so it always takes quite a bit longer when someone needs multiple campsites. His voice sounded pleasant, and I could hear some good music playing. So naturally, I felt a good vibe from this guy, so while I was waiting for a transaction to go through, I asked him what music was playing in the background. He tells me, and we chat for a bit. He says he listens to all of his music from the, as that site offers any and all kinds of music. We chat a little more, I confirm his bookings, and we hang up.
The second I am off the phone, I hear one of the woman say, Oooh, Miranda, what a flirt you are!
She makes her point by rolling the "r" and batting her eyelashes at me.
Another woman,
Well don't you just like to chat up our campers! Asking him what kind of music was playing! Ooh, flirt!

So I get this for another few minutes or so, all the woman teasing me about flirting with this dude, and me just saying, well, I never turn down an opportunity, and then they just laugh some more.

This goes on for a bit until someone says, Well, you know, you aren't nearly as bad as Julie.
Julie groans and wonders why this story of her one slip-of-the-tongue needs to be brought up again.

Apparently, once picking up the phone, Julie boomed out in her usual friendly tone,

Hello, how can I do you?

Yup. Julie takes the cake.

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hahaha. (alanna)