Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Alluring Sweets

I have been baking a little more than usual these past few weeks, and that is mainly due to the following reason: the majority of the women in my office are on diets, and I get this strange pleasure of offering them my baked goods.

Because my brownies and cinnamon buns are the ultimate forbidden fruit, they enjoy them that much more. No person appreciates desserts as much as someone on a diet. Even if my baked goods were only mediocre (which they certainly are not), they would still droolingly lust after them.

It’s seeing their eyes widen as I waltz in carrying a large chunk of chocolate cheesecake, as I graciously offer them the most seductive and delicious sin of all which excites me the most. I hope they soon learn that deprivation leads to insanity. One day, I fear I will be kidnapped and tied up for my baked goods. Perhaps they will tie me to the phones and force me to answer all the calls, as they ravenously devour my desserts.

Only one woman so far has managed to decline all of my dessert offers. In fact, she has brought in chocolate chip cookies of her own on two separate occasions. The second time, she lamented that she had made too many for her kids, so she promptly stuffed about a dozen cookies in two bags and demanded that my siblings and I eat them. I told her that we could probably handle that.

I think it’s a little silly to deprive yourself so much. If you are trying to cut back on sweets, I say go for it but have a little sugar or chocolate every once in awhile. If you don’t and it’s something that you love, then you’ll just end up binging and stuffing a oblivious yet gorgeous summer student in a dusty closet and tying a phone to her ear.

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Sarah said...

I couldn't agree more. There are better ways to lose weight than denying yourself something you enjoy. Do you really hate that 10 lbs. more than you love brownies? Not me.