Tuesday, May 22, 2007

It ain't funny to mess with the Lord

During the Easter holiday, I came home to Chesterville and decided to go to church with Dad. After the service, the minister talked to me about possibly playing the organ for a few Sundays over the spring and summer. I told him that I'd be interested. Unusual for an organist, I'd only provide some of the music, as we also have a small music group of guitars and singers, who play specific parts of the service. I would be playing around three or four hymns from the book of common praise, and that was fine by me.

Now, I was later on invited by the music co-ordinator to attend the music practise of the small group. The idea was to get acquainted with the members of the group and go over the hymns that we'd be singing that Sunday. So, I played my hymns, they sang along, and then they held their practise. At the end of the practise, the music co-ordinator announced that they'd be having a prayer. This took me mildly by surprise because even though they were playing music for a church service, I thought they were just about the music.

The music co-ordinator said she wanted to have a prayer of thanks. I looked around, and everyone was bowing their heads, so I did the same. It started something like this:

"Thank you Lord for this music that we are able to offer. We are blessed to have such talented musicians with us today."

It went on like that for a bit. She thanked the members of the group, then moved on to me.

"We are blessed to have Miranda sharing her talent of music with us."

I gave a faint smile.

"I would also like to thank the Lord for having Miranda take over the position of music co-ordinator for the summer. She will be giving me a very well-deserved break, and I am very thankful for it."

My face dropped. What?!
She thanked the Lord yet again that I was saving her from having a breakdown, paused for a little, and then finally moved on to thanking something else.

Music co-ordinator?! I racked my brain and wondered if I had said anything about becoming music co-ordinator to the minister, but we didn't even talk about that. But how on earth was I supposed to argue when she was literally thanking the Lord? When the Lord is involved, you don't want to intervene. At least, not in the middle of a prayer.

I had no idea how I was supposed to approach this that coming Sunday. I decided to talk to her after the service about it. Of course, when the morning announcements were being made at the beginning of church, she proudly announced to the whole congregation that Miranda would be taking over her position as music co-ordinator for the summer. I internally let out a wail and promptly kept my eyes fixed on the organ.

Now that God and the people of God were made aware and thankful of my supposed newly acquired position, it made it nearly impossible for me to step down without seeming practically sinful. So, I avoided confrontation, and I went to the minister and told him that I would only be playing the organ and would have nothing to do with the little music group. He seemed completely fine with this and didn't think anything was the matter. Later on, I spoke to the music co-ordinator and told her the same thing, but she still somehow thinks that I am taking over her position. So, to avoid upsetting any divine plan, I pretend I am music co-ordinator, whilst having nothing to do with the group and their little spaghetti suppers.
I sincerely hope this is the last time that someone uses God to rope me into something.

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Was an amusing story not so much for you but
I enjoyed it