Sunday, July 30, 2006


My European Adventure is beginning tomorrow with a capital and most grandiose A!

I am heading off to Munich tomorrow with Sophia and hopefully Heather to see the newly released Pirates of the Caribbean, most likely in German. That night, I will be hopping on the night train via Berlin, in which Marie will be in wagon 27 waiting for me! We will both be spending a few days in Berlin before she heads off to Spain to meet her beau.

Whilst Marie begins her trek to the land of the Spaniards, I will be hopping on a bus to Chojnice, Poland, where I will meet Maciej (Polish) and Paula (Colombian - Canadian), two Canada World Youth past participants. I will only be spending about one day in Poland before the three of us, hopefully also including Jarek, drive to the intriguing and much anticipated Ukraine. I am still a little worried about Paula and I being able to enter the country only with our passports, but we were told that we did not need a visa to visit for a few days. I sure hope so. We shall soon find out.

In Ukraine awaits my lovely counterpart, Olya. She is currently working at the Ostrog Academy, so we will probably be meeting her there. I will be spending about five days with her and the others, seeing some sights and enjoying each other's company. After about five days, I will leave my fellow international friends and train to Vienna.

Vienna will find me staying with my great aunt and uncle. I have been told that my great aunt is looking forward to showing me around, especially around all of the places that Mom used to frequent. I simply cannot wait to be in Vienna, especially since this year is Mozart's birthday. I am hoping to catch a concert or opera of some sort when I am there.

And, there you have it! All of this will be compacted into fourteen short days, as it is the 14th of August that I will be landing in Montreal. I am also looking forward to being back home again, as it will be so wonderful to see everyone again. It feels good to have so many things to look forward to.

And I haven't even mentioned my upcoming Boston trip!

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