Monday, July 03, 2006

A disconnected blurb

I, unfortunately, missed the festivites of Canada Day (a Quebecois' delight) this year. Not only that, but on the 1st of July, I managed to break my only Canada flag. Perhaps it was symbolic, in order to remind me that I am in a country that is oblivious to the fact that July 1st Canada Day.

I went to see Heather today, and she wished me a happy Canada Day. She said that she has been dying to say that to someone (who would appreciated it) ever since she woke up on Saturday.

It was another beautiful day, so we biked to Hopfen am See and went to her work -- a restaurant by the name of Fischerhütte. We went there for two reasons -- first of all, as it is the end of the month, she wanted to get paid (people at her work don't seem to tell her anything), and second of all, we wanted to indulge in their desserts. Their food is nothing to write home about, as they are more well-known for their scrumptious desserts. We shared an Apfelstrudel with vanilla ice cream, and then we had something, of which I forget the name of, which resembles cut-up pancakes, but it is sweeter and doesn't have such a mushy texture as pancakes do. The first part of the word is "Kaiser", and all you German speakers out there should be able to remind me what the heck this lovely dish is called.

Heather said she has been feeling more Canadian than ever since she has been in Deutschland. I said that I experienced similar feelings when I first went to Poland for a few months. You really get thinking about your country, what you feel, and how you relate. She said that she never thought about Canada "in that way" at all before. It was an interesting conversation.

Tomorrow, I will be spending the night in Munich, after a day of exploring the city, seeing museums, doing some shopping, and "exploring" some beer gardens!

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