Friday, September 08, 2006

The Art of Meeting People

Being a Freshman at University practically shouts out at you the welcomed words of "you'll meet new people", "a good place to meet people", "meet interesting people with similar interests as you", etc.
Most of these things are true, unless, of course, you have extremely atypical interests, where your idea of a good time involves reptiles and a shoddy-looking urinal.

Meeting people is an artform; there are many different ways to approach people. I find it interesting to note the various ways people choose to approach others; some prefer the loud and outgoing method, whilst others opt for a quiet, perhaps more intellectual approach. And, of course, there is never anything wrong with the witty and funny method.

I also find it very interesting to observe the way close friends of mine react and communicate when they are faced with new people. Different styles and techniques are used, depending on whether you are just humouring someone or making small-talk, rather than considering them as a potential friend; also, I will approach both sexes differently, especially when the situation is only a one-on-one.

As you get older and as you chalk up more life experience, I find it becomes easier to weed out the people that have no friend potential whatsoever. You know what you are looking for, you know the type of person you prefer, so it is easier to pick out those unworthy after a good conversation; then again, sometimes it just takes a five minutes or an obnoxious or ignorant comment.

I enjoy making people laugh, almost in any situation, whether it be a close friend or a possible new friend, so that is part of my technique. I also tend to be a little more blunt, sarcastic, quirky, and even witty when I encounter someone new. I find it amusing to be able to talk in any fashion you want, without the other person wondering how on earth you became so bonkers. You may just be naturally bonkers! Perhaps you are of the errant bonkish nature. They don't know. So, when you've found someone worthy of your time, savour it, play with it, test some borders, and before you know it, you'll be adorned in a pretty, yet somehow unmanageable long-sleeved white shirt that makes arm movement significantly more difficult.

Like food, painting, and theatre, overall in their goodness and disasters, people are an art.

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Tex Texerson said...

What's your Bishop's friend count at again?