Friday, June 02, 2006

The weather, oh the weather

I remember talking to Andrea a few weeks ago about having snow in May. I said I don't remember that ever happening in my lifetime, but she was pretty sure there had been some at some time. So, we talked to her mother, and her mother remembered distinctly a Mother's Day, sometime in the early nineties, in which we had a bit of snow. I decided to believe it.

Well. Now, I have been honoured enough to witness snow in June! Yes, here in Rosshaupten, Germany, we had snow. Yesterday, June 1st. I was so shocked when I peered out of the window and white specks of oh-yes-I-hate-you-so-much-because-you-are-here-in-freakin'-June. Now, I know this is very hard to believe, considering that the Ottawa area has been having thirty plus degree weather, but I assure you, I would never make up this atrocity. And the strangest part about it is that everyone here thinks that I am used to this kind of weather.
"Well yes, but not in June!" I answer emphatically.

Then they ask, "How hot is it in Canada now?"

I specify (because I think they often forget the size and the vast geography of Canada) by saying, "In my area, it is around thirty degrees right now."

And then they go on to say how much they wish that it was like that here and, of course, are shocked that it actually gets that warm in Canada. The best part about hot weather here is that there is no humidity. When it is 30 degrees, it is a lovely dry heat, and you always have the nearby lake and the breeze to cool you off. They tell me that the normal temperature for this time is mid to high twenties. I have a hard time believing this.

In other news, I thought you should all know that I am eating like a King here.
The hotel is quite high-class, and the food is really fancy. And I get it all for free! Now, most people would take advantage of the fact that you can have free alcohol pretty much any time you want, but I have decided to go crazy on the tasty orange soft drink, Fanta, instead.

Today, we have a big weather improvement with a high of 10 degrees Celsius.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Miranda !
Lass' es Dir gut gehen, geniesse
alles gute im schoenen Bayern und
vor allem .... ueberarbeite Dich nicht.
Ich habe gestern Deine ganzen "blogs" gelesen, ich habe dies genossen und eine Menge ueber
Dich erfahren. Grossartig wie Du


Anonymous said...

Miranda, today I checked in Rick Mercer and Craig Kielburger! Cool eh?