Friday, May 12, 2006

Still Afloat


It has been nearly three weeks since I've posted. No, my blog hasn't become one of those that just fade out and eventually just die out; my blog is still up and kickin'. Well, at least in my mind it is still up and kickin' because there is so much that needs to be spewed out.

That being said, since the last time I posted, I have finished my second year of University, received excellent marks, gone home, and started treeplanting. I am currently in week two of treeplanting, and that is really the culprit that has been eating up all of my time and energy.

My last weekend at University was exceptionally enjoyable. I attended two parties with people from my German class, as well as with the German assistant Vera and her friends from Germany. The first party was at this couple's apartment (Lyna and Adam, whom I previously had a dream about), and the second party was at Vera's house. I met this odd, but interesting German motorcycle guy, who had a very humourous laugh. He pressured me into stealing a very good piece of German cake. I have no idea what his name is (or the cake's name for that matter), but I can find out through Vera, and I may look him and Vera up when I go to Germany.

So, as that statement may have given away, yes, I am going to Germany this summer. I was accepted into the work abroad program (
WSP) through my University, and I am very excited about it. I will be spending two months working in a hotel in beautiful Rosshaupten (of course the website is in German), a small Southern village only fifteen kilometres away from the Austrian border!

After working in Rosshaupten for June and July, I will be travelling a little of Europe for about two weeks. I am trying to get together with past Canada World Youth group members, and we'll hopefully be able to travel through Poland and Ukraine together. Ever since Canada World Youth ended in the spring of 2004, I told myself that I'd darn tootin' be back for summer 2006. It will be so nice to see those far away Poles and Ukranians and to visit Vienna for a while, but I will let you know how that all turns out once I am there...

As for the last few days of University and besides the German parties and Andrea nearly killing her shoulder transporting my bed down a flight of stairs, Andrea and I managed to sum up our second year at University in a very smooth fashion. After a delectable supper, we brought out the leftover Port from her birthday and two cigarillos and went out on her balcony. We pondered, we philosophized, and we were basically the largest wannabes of the intelligent and drop dead sexy Boston Legal star, Alan Shore (James Spader), and funny and smart as all hell, Denny Crane (William Shatner). I was Alan Shore, and Andrea, Denny.

Good thing I proof read this entry or else I would have never discovered the "I smell bad" that my brother surreptitiously wedged in between "gone home" and "started treeplanting". Word to the wise, never leave your unfinished blog entry unattended.

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